Sunday, March 25, 2007


Below is a version with the grass being less prominent. Let me know which one you think is better.


Bambi said...

wow! wicked cool pic! wouldn't mind having it for my wall

Susan Miller said...

Spooky. But then no because of the green grass. So just different, strange...don't really know how to process it.

Bambi said...

I like the one with more grass better.

Scott said...

Me too. I shouldn't second guess myself on these. So this will be the last and only time that I post a different version of a picture based on what I think commenters want to see.

I may still post a few at the same time, occasionally if I can't decide, but that's all.

Susan Miller said...

At no point should any commenter make you second guess yourself. You had said at one point that you enjoyed when people had different observations on certain photos so that must be the way that we leave it, right?

I, and only I, saw more of the photo when the green was less green. Otherwise, my eyes tended to be drawn back to it. When you lessened the degree of it I noticed more of the background. Of course, this is just me. You and Bambi liked the contrast.

Matt called me and said that he liked the lesser of the greens and this makes the vote clearly 2:2. Damn..tie vote goes to photographer.

Scott said...

And so... both pictures will remain to confound and rile the masses ad infinitum.

However, I would like to make a small request: If your name happens to be Matt or Dave please leave additional identifying marks, as I know several of each and would like to know when I've received feedback from an additional one.