Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Captain Jeremy


Susan Miller said...

I adore the lighting in this photograph. I like the stress in his hand. You have shown the concentration, the focus.

Maybe my love of pictures that include faces would lead me to feel the photograph is incomplete. It could be your work is so good that like a great story it makes me want to know more. Nonetheless, I feel cheated somewhat by the background. I want to see the faces of the others.

Good stuff, Scott.

Scott said...

This was a 'natural lighting' shot. By that I mean that I didn't use a flash, the only lighting available was from the light above the pool table.

As a result, the faces of people standing around watching are all in the shadows, and it just tended to take up too much of the frame to have the extra background. I was trying to keep the focus on Jeremy and the table.