Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Scott said...

I received some feedback via email. However since the whole purpose of this project is for me to learn from and develop my art, I feel it's appropriate to post and respond to here in the comments for the picture that inspired the feedback:

"It's the content of your photos that I watch. The story behind the scenes, what is he trying to say, what does this mean.....this is simply my nature. It could mean that nothing means anything, and I'm seriously fucked in some type of neverending search. Like I have said before, technically you're on par. Thus, beyond that I contemplate your art. Your subjects have been very structured..inanimate objects, various shapes, no real play with lighting it seems, direct or without sympathy. Ironically, when you were writing about your detest for blind consumerism I was considering how some of your photographs seem almost advertising perfect. For me it always comes back to the content of the heart, the subject of the matter....that is what I look for."

To say that my pictures are 'advertising perfect' is a compliment to me, albeit one I don't think I deserve. While I can do some basic stuff with my pictures, my usefulness with Photoshop is stunted at best. I have the desire to learn how to make better use of the tools it provides for me, but just don't always have the time to sit down and learn them.

The biggest hindrance that I have encountered with this project, thus far is simply not having the time that I would like to have to be able to devote to it. This manifests itself in several ways, one of them being that each picture that I post can't be an inspiring work of art or thoughtful visual treatise on the beauty of etc. Sometimes I see something/someone that is cute/interesting/complex and want to take a picture of it, sometimes an idea of a specific picture comes to my mind and I actively seek out opportunities to create that picture, and sometimes I'm scrambling at 11:45 to just get a few pictures into my camera that I can play around with in 'post' as long as I shot something that day.

Sadly all my pictures don't have deep inner meaning to me (I refuse to identify these types of pictures, however, because they may have this type of meaning for someone else looking at them.), but I try very hard to only post pictures that I am proud to say are my pictures.

Finally, occasionally throughout this year-long project, patterns or series of similar pictures may emerge. Sometimes they will be intentional, sometimes they might indicate something about my subconscious. Sometimes, they will contain things that you won't notice if you aren't paying attention but that I intentionally put there.

I have noticed that of the few people to give me feedback on this project, everyone seems to like different pictures. I like that.

Matt said...

I have deduced from your pictures that your middle initial is A and you are a Gemini.

Scott said...

... and I have deduced from your comment that your middle initial is A and that your social security number is...

Thanks for the "feedback." :P