Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have to say, I'm impressed with how well blogger has scaled this particular picture down. All those branches create quite a contrast against the dark background, and I had my doubts as to how clean it would end up looking online.


Susan Miller said...

I agree with you. When I clicked on the pic it was the top portion of the photo that spread across my screen. Beautiful. And I quickly imagined it as a large framed photograph above a mantle or a bed.

Truly, one of those images that you could just sit and contemplate.

Now I'm hooked and will most likely be coming here daily for my photo. Thank you for sharing them.

Susan Miller said...

Well darn, I didn't get a picture this morning and hope that my feeble attempts at encouragement do not get in the way of your art.

They are meant to simply be a wave and a smile.

Scott said...

Patience young grasshoppah.

Occasionally I might wait until the day after to post that day's picture, in hopes that I will have a larger sample to chose from.

I'm not cheating, just keeping my options open.