Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ghost Hall


Susan Miller said...

Grandiose. I love how the photograph leads me down the hall. And then your title has told me that ghosts reside in that place. So my mind begins to walk down it and imagine the stories of those that are or were there. Good stuff, Scott.

Side Question: Has your approach to your art now changed as a result of my commenting? Is there anything that you may be doing different today that you were not doing on January 1st?

Scott said...

Did my title tell you that or merely suggest it?

Side Response: That's a good question. It's difficult to interact with something without having some sort of affect on it. So maybe so, it's hard to say for sure. (I would be interested in you response to the same question coming from me.)

Things I may be doing differently, having done this for a month:

1.) My camera has because a permanent fixture of my coat. (Gotta be careful how fast I spin around. That thing's at exactly the right place to swing out and around, terminating its momentum at a place that can do without any extra impact for most men.)

2.) I'm continually thinking about and looking for new picture opportunities.

3.) I don't think my friends are annoyed with it yet.

Susan Miller said...

Maybe you merely suggested it, but it brought the photograph to life for me.

My response would be a definite "yes". I am molding something around responses that I receive from it. You're obviously an artist and highly intelligent so I take what you say seriously.

Also, I enjoy your writing.
Loved your list.