Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Torus Blossom


Susan Miller said...

Beautiful. Tell me how you did it. Do digital cameras even have what I call shutter speed? What was the original image?

Scott said...

A magician never reveals his secrets.

Ok, now for the explanation:

Yes, some digital cameras have shutter speed settings. There are roughly 3 separate kinds of digital camera:
1.) Point and Shoot (consumer) cameras. Generally speaking, if you have problems keeping your fingers out of the picture, this type of camera is for you.
2.) dSLR (professional) cameras. These are the cameras that look expensive because they are. They will generally be the ones that can take different lens and flash attachments and could be used as a blunt-object mugging deterrent.
3.) Somewhere in between 1 and 2 (pro-sumer cameras). These are the cameras with generally one lens that has some degree of wide angle and telephoto capabilities and very often have full manual controls as well as completely automatic ones available. This is what I have. So I can have a little camera that is easy to carry around, and can still be able to adjust my aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc.

This picture was taken with a 1.5 second exposure with intentional camera shake (wobble) at a bar with a lot of neon on the walls. Color balance was adjusted in Photoshop.

Denise Vogeney said...

Scoot: This is Tina's Aunt. Hi! These pictures are fantastic and I like this one especially. Hope all is well.