Friday, April 27, 2007



Susan Miller said...

okay, so i go to this art festival today because i'm supposed to write a story about southern art festivals. all i can think is that there are many interesting people there with some incredible passion for what they do. so i talk to them, i get their business cards and try to make notes that will possibly, but probably not, make sense to me when i get home. information overload.

and i have a card for someone in my purse from meridian, ms. the guy owns a garden center with his wife. he's in his mid to late fifties and he's got these gorgeous photographs that he has put on canvas or high quality paper. Some framed, some not framed. their all pictures of flowers, but not typical pictures of flowers...they are close-ups, different perspectives, detailed and really great I think.

then i come home and see what you've done. he was charging about $350 on an average. anyway, you could charge for what you do. people would buy them...not me, of course, since i'm sort of like maybe a base fan or something. anyway, this is good.

is that dew on the dandelion?

Scott said...

What a dream come true it would be to have so many people value my photography to the point that I could do it for a living as an artist. But alas, I don't think that there is enough renown for me (on the world's part) or skill (on my part) for this to be a viable option.

Then again, maybe I'm just too chicken to try.

Just because he was charging $350, doesn't mean he was actually selling anything.

This picture was taken on the cusp of sunset, so the water droplets are more likely captured rain drops.

Susan Miller said...

Just a seed planted. A thought maybe. You are good enough.

I did a witness a $3,000 painting being sold. The painter said that the work took him two hours. The most successful artists there, it seemed, were the ones that were selling what people wanted. Oxford, MS..a town that contains the University of and campus photographs or paintings were well received.

This guy was there with just that type of thing. Thought you may want to check out his site.

Jaime V said...

This is probably my favorite so far.. beautiful!