Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Canal's End


Susan Miller said...

So seemingly perfect, but my eyes are drawn to that blue sky. The pic just reminds me of how I sometimes miss the creeks of the homeplace...how those places seem so much more appealing to me.

Scott said...

I really feel like I nailed this picture. It reminds me of a picture that would be used in promotional literature.

Susan Miller said...

Yes, you are a very, very good photographer. And yes, I could see this in an advertisement.

I believe that technically this is a great photograph.

What are you selling, Scott?

Susan Miller said...

I came here to take that question back. It's unfair.

You take beautiful pictures.

Bruno Raschio said...

Yeah that pics are very beautiful..i liked it and would like to click some of mine too ...ha ha ha...will be back.

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