Sunday, February 25, 2007

Refracted Rain


realbigwings said...

I like the snakey feel of this one. The photo also reminds me of the feeling I have while watching rain, the stillness and soft sounds.


Susan Miller said...

Like Dawn, I did think of stillness and how nice being in that moment is. Sometimes it seems imperative to slow down and breathe that in.

You had wanted suggestions several photos back, and I had remembered a class I took that spoke of a time-interval study (there's most likely a more proper name for that). Photographers pick a scene and then photograph it for years...same place, same shot...the only thing that changes is the subject itself.

This would give you ten more photographs out of the hundreds you still need. How are you feeling now at the end of February? Any further changes with your photography? Are your friends attempting to avoid you yet?